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IP Addressing

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numeric identifiers that are needed by every device that connects to the Internet. The are a shared common resource that must be managed carefully to ensure the continued growth and stability of the Internet. Most of the Internet is currently addressed with IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses. IPv6 addresses are also in use, but not yet to the same extent. IPv6 is a more recent protocol, offering a much larger address pool than IPv4. However, IPv6 is not intended as a direct replacement for IPv4. Rather, the two address protocols are able to be used together across the Internet.

IP Tools

IP Address Lookup

The IP Address Lookup tool is designed to give you an idea of where your IP Address or the IP Address you lookup is located.


The IP WHOIS Lookup tool will provide you with the IP Address owners information.

Hostname Lookup

The Host Name Lookup tool looks up the Host Name of the IP Address you enter.

Server Headers Check

The server headers check tool returns include CharacterSet, Content-Type, Last-Modified, Server, StatusCode, Set-Cookie, and X-Powered-By.

Domain Blacklist Check

Check to see if your IP address or domain name is blacklisted.


A TraceRoute is used to identify how information travels from one computer to another.

User Agent Info

Displays your User Agent String and Screen Resolution.